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Fighting Black Kings Movie Kyokushin Karate (1 of 10)

June 15th, 2010 · 25 Comments · Karate Movies

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Fighting Black Kings Movie Kyokushin Karate Intro. Soshu Oyama in New York City (later founded US Oyama Karate) in Mas Oyama’s first World Karate Tournament in Japan 1975 presents Fighting Black Kings MOVIE!!!


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  • underugmedia

    the jumping over the car was just plain dangerous….. gotta love the classics :) more balls

  • intromix

    OSU! He is still teaching?

  • diman75

    The sensei under the Canadian flag is Shihan Gilbert, he brought kyokushin karate to Canada and was one of the students of Master Oyama himself, his dojo is just one block from my office in downtown Montreal.

  • diman75

    Thanx for the post man!!!

  • hwangsutran

    is a martial art not sport

  • fluff995

    I don’t know what’s sweetest about this documentary, the martial arts nostalgia or the soundtrack :)

  • 2ossy

    @xbrother1980 not all….

  • xbrother1980

    Female martial artist are hot

  • cumanagoto

    Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, Kancho Ashihara, Willaim Oliver (RIP), and many other great teachers of Kyokushinkai appeared in this video.

  • dou

    breaking rocks..

  • v1adimir75eas

    3:55 Ashihara?

  • NYKgjl10

    I agree with you 100% that this documentary is excellent and shows you the reality training in KyoKushin. It’s not easy the training process which I experience thus far, but I’m managing.

    Take care Kyokushin Brother =)


  • intromix

    You started Kyokushin, OSU, this was real popular to all of us as well, they even talked highly of it at the summer camp in Brodie Mountain. Excellent documentary!

  • NYKgjl10

    I own this video on VHS and still till this very day, I watch every now and then. I recently started Kyokushin Karate and enjoy it to the fullest.

    Thank you intromix


  • SamoaOG

    Thanks for the upload of this classic documentary : The Strongest Karate ( As it’s known here in Aus )..

  • Saila016

    lol before he jumped over the car he hoped on a bump ahahaha !!

  • moelicious1

    Jumping over the car?! That alone was worth watching the first 5mins.

    Never heard of this movie before, then someone brought in an old VHS tape of it the other day. I thought I would see if YouTube had clips. AWESOME!!!


  • kyokushinkid420

    This is the shit!! I love this movie, thanks for posting!!!

  • malachiyehudah

    yes he did but he lives on in my heart and everyone ealse he trained

  • cooks2006

    He died?
    Oh, no.

    I have this movie. Thinking of putting it on DVD because it is deteriorating.

  • intromix

    Thank you my friend, OSU!!

  • PlantainPlizoxx9

    God bless you intromix. i dont do kyokushin, but this movie is legendary, my brother’s sensei was in this. God Bless your soul. Osu!

  • intromix


  • malachiyehudah

    dude omg you are my hero shuzake shihung william oliver was my instructor i started karate when i was 7 and i am now 19. i trained with him untill he died i still study today but thank you for uploading this video….. it really means a lot to me man ous!

  • Gracezxasdq

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    i wish you the best

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